Traveling With Animals to Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii with your pets can be a fun way to experience the aloha spirit; however, many believe it’s near impossible.
Hawaii is the only state in the United States to be wholly rabies-free and to avoid potential health problems or epidemics. The state takes traveling into any of the Hawaiian Islands with domesticated pets very seriously.
There is a misconception that your pet has to be “quarantined,” and that is incorrect. If you prepare in advance all the necessary paperwork, blood tests, etc., the waiting process should be completed by the time you leave for your trip. However, if you wait until the last minute and try to bring your pet into Hawaii, your pet will remain in quarantine until everything is complete.
Please note that service dogs are no exception to any of the requirements entering Hawaii and must have everything completed as stipulated by the State of Hawaii. Also note that it is against the law in the State of Hawaii to falsify your pet as a service dog, and you will be subject to penalties if caught.
When you begin your process to bring your pet along with you to Hawaii, check with your preferred airlines to seek additional requirements, as many have limitations with traveling with pets into Hawaii.
It is recommended to begin this process three months in advance from your travel date to ensure all requirements are completed on time.
Below is the direct link to the State of Hawaii: Animal Industry Division. This link will provide all the requirements needed to bring a pet into Hawaii, to include fees.